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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Week 4 Assignments

It might seem like I've been asking you to do too many things during these first three weeks, but at this point we've started on all the projects you'll be working on during the semester. From this point forward, it's just a matter of managing your progress for each one. Easy! ;-)

This week, I expect you to continue doing distributed research. Hopefully, you will be posting your second Individual Analysis assignment (which will include, as we agreed, references to the readings).

I've seen some good comments on people's blogs. Let's keep that going.

Some of you have started to contribute great ideas for the Social Software wiki. I'm looking forward to seeing more of those, or at least some comments about the current ideas (I added a Comments section for each idea).

I haven't seen any posts on the Issue Entrepreneurship projects, but I am assuming you are all thinking about it! It's a difficult project to conceptualize, I know. Don't feel like you have to present a very polished proposal. Your ideas about this assignment will probably continue to evolve in the next couple of weeks.


Blogger matt curinga said...

Things are going well so far; I'm enjoying the readings and my classmates' writing.
I do miss, though, a plain old discussion board for discussing some of the mundane aspects of the class, such as due dates, clarification of assignments, etc.
For example, I have a question:

Should the ccte tag be used for only for links regarding "social software" or for all of the research we are doing for the course (such as research into issue entrepeneurship)?

Do we have a good place set up for such questions already?

11:29 PM

Blogger Ulises said...

Thanks for the feedback, Matt. My rule of thumb for what to include in the ccte tag is as follows: If it has to do with communication, computing, technology and/or education, tag it. It's easy enough for someone not interested to skip the item in their aggregator. For this reason, I think it's also important to provide an extended description in (I usually try to find a couple of sentences in the article that summarize the content or intention). Sometimes, the title does not provide enough information.

2:01 PM

Blogger Ulises said...

I forgot to say: feel free to use the class wiki to post questions, feedback, etc. The whole point of using a wiki is that anyone can change it to suit our needs!

2:03 PM


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