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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Excellent introductory resource: 7 Things You Should Know About...

I posted it to the ccte feed, but I wanted to make sure you are aware of this resource. Basically, it is a very concise guide to some of the technologies we are using, including blogs, wikis, and social bookmarking (what I call distributed research). They come in the form of neat PDF files. Take a look!


Blogger Steve said...

Very enlightening pieces. I particularly found the brief on clickers very interesting. I am beginning to see how these technologies can greatly impact education in the 21st century.

8:35 PM

Blogger Heidi Trotta said...

I clicked on the meta data words (subjects)which then links you to a resource page for that topic. There you will find blogs and articles, papers and reports.I went for the Wiki and found a couple good articles that I am reading for this week. How cool! I shared this resource with everyone at work.

10:36 PM


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