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Friday, October 14, 2005

Social software stuff

I thought I would share with you some of the things I've written previously on social software, in case you are interested (in other words, this is shameless self promotion).

On wikis:

Social literacies: Some observations about writing and wikis: Talks about what it means for a text to be co-authored by many people.

The Unfixedness of Knowledge: Discourse, Genre, and Mode in Wikipedia: Discusses some of the textual aspects of Wikipedia, including the 'tone' that articles reflect, etc.

On social bookmarking:

A study: A 'mini-ethnography' of my first attempt to get people to use the ccte tag. Includes a nice 'literature review' on folksonomies and distributed classification.

Tag Literacy: Divided into two: the first part is a theoretical discussion of social agency in systems like, and the second contains some guidelines for creating useful tags.

Other stuff:

Facilitating the social annotation and commentary of web pages: Summary of some previous work I'd done on a model to facilitate online discourse, and a review of some tools that facilitate the annotation of web pages.

Telepistemology, Combat Robots, and Human Pacman: This probably doesn't have much to do with social software, but the first part is a very quick summary of some of the issues I try to address in my own work. There's some stuff at the end on smart mobs and using technology to enhance social contexts.


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