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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Assignments for Week 7

I am posting this a bit early because I will be away next week, and probably not able to post and comment as much as I usually do.

Here are the guidelines for Week 7:

As always, you are supposed to continue conducting distributed research. Post an update about your IE project, as well.

Also, if you haven't stopped by the 'Brainstorming' section of our class wiki lately (or ever), please do so and contribute to the discussions on what our collective wiki project is supposed to look like. This will be particularly important because next week we will get together for a face-to-face classroom session (Tuesday November 1, GDH 177 at 1PM).

The agenda for that session is to discuss the various proposals on the table, finalize a plan of action, assign roles and responsibilities, and agree on a timeline. There seems to be support for Jonah's proposal to merge efforts with the Social Software in the Academy group (please refer to his email, which he has also copied on the course wiki), so we will talk about the best way to go about it. If there is time left, we can also talk about IE projects!

BTW, is there someone who is good at taking notes during meetings, and who would like to volunteer for that task? I will then post the notes on the Class Blog for future reference.

See you Nov. 1, if all goes well!


Blogger Heidi Trotta said...

I will take notes on November 1st if you need.

1:14 PM


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