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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Final Evaluations

We had our last class session today. The strike, combined with holiday travel plans, took a heavy toll on attendance. So for those of you who could not attend, I have created a wiki page in our original Seed wiki where you can anonymously post an evaluation of the class. It's not the same as submitting an official TC form, but at least it will help me improve the course for future generations. Anyone who attended class and would like to say something they did not get a chance to say during our meeting today, or forgot to write on the TC form, are welcome to leave feedback on this page as well. The page will be permanently deleted early next year.

Lastly, you are all supposed to send me an email with your self evaluation (including the grade you believe you deserve for the course).

To those who didn't hear me say it in person (or in podcast): This was a great experience for me. Thank you for your participation.


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